The Speed of Light

11KKVCQ1RHLFrom Andre Aciman, author of Out of Egypt and Five White Nights:

“With the wry, subtle style of Jane Austen, Katherine Mansfield and Mary McCarthy, Susan Pashman examines the intense drama that occurs between human beings who, for all their intimacy, couldn’t be further apart. Their drama is frightening not because we know it so well but because no one is strong enough to withstand its sight for too long. Susan Pashman’s gaze is at once humorous, tactful and lyrical — but it is, as is anyone’s who wields a scalpel into the human heart, quite ruthless, the way only love and friendship can be ruthless.”

From Kirkus Reviews:

“A precise and troubling portrait of a smug and cultured man who doesn’t recognize his own despair … A vivid cautionary tale about the seductions and emptiness of a life in which conquest stands in for love.”

From the Jacket:

As Nathan bumbles along, refusing enlightenment and groping in the dark, this ‘blind’ ophthalmologist somehow manages to illuminate the rest of us. And, as his quiet tragedy unfolds, we cannot but root for him to wake up in time, to grasp what flashes by with such terrifying speed.